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“I live on the outskirts of the village of Mayfield in East Sussex. We had the house built back in 2004 and its set in five acres of the beautiful Sussex countryside. My stable buildings are set at the rear of the property and although a few friends and a couple of ladies from the village stable their horses here and we do give riding lessons twice a week I prefer to run the place as a hobby.

Well I started modelling with camera clubs back in the early 80s and quite quickly moved on to professional modelling for magazines and things. Back then it was still rather frowned upon to be a professional “adult” model I suppose and the camera clubs had a list of girls who would model so long as things were kept discreet. Being quite the exhibitionist I really enjoyed modelling and showing myself off so I modeled for just about all of the fetish and S&M magazines of the time as well as several of the “top shelf” mainstream adult magazines as well and it was a LOT of fun BUT right back at the beginning I was briefly a “leg model” for Pretty Polly and a couple of other hosiery companies and had huge posters of my legs everywhere but I was really more interested in the adult side so turned my back upon mainstream fashion modelling quite quickly.
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